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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Restorations.

Diminished Value

How to get paid for the lost value in
your car after you’ve been in an accident.

Need A Rental Car

Can’t be without a car while your car is being repaired?

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Utah’s Only Full Service Collision Repair Concierge Service

Getting in an accident, even if its a “fender-bender” in Ogden, can be a stressful situation due to so many things that have to be addressed correctly in order to not get taken advantage of.  When you’re involved in a car accident in Weber County or the Ogden City area your first call should be to the local police department, i.e. Ogden, Utah Police Department or the Weber Count Sheriff via 911 or direct.  After you’ve addressed your health, call Ogden Body Shop to have everything else from towing, rental, legal, and the claim handling taken care of.

Proprietary Text Message Job Updating Platform

Get text updates on the progress of your car or truck and never wonder what is going on with your job.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

We have the most experienced PDR guy around.  If it can be done we can do it.  The most important thing with PDR is honesty.  Not everything is a good candidate for PDR and the customer needs to know the “odds” before the job starts.

Reliable & Fully Insured & Bonded

Sadly, many Ogden area Auto Body Shops only carry Utah’s minimum insurance requirement which doesn’t cover much with today’s high cost automobiles, leaving vehicle owners exposed when something goes wrong.

Only Lifetime Plus Warranty In The Country

Ogden Body is proud to be innovating and leading the industry by being the first auto body collision and repair shop in the county to offer this warranty.

Other Services

Buying A Car?

Free car inspection for prior or hidden collision damage and repair quality analysis. Carfax isn’t the full story and doesn’t show everything.

Free Paint Touch Up

Purchase touch up paint and stop in any time for free touch ups.

Just Want To Keep The Money?

Insurance companies want claimants to keep the money and NOT fix their car.  Get a free claim audit to get what you deserve.

Custom Airbrush Painting

Want something unique to make your hotrod even cooler? 

Boat Painting

Does your boat, waver runner, or jet ski, need a new paint job or have scratches that need to be repaired?

Custom Motorcycle Painting

Put flames or your favorite scene on your bikes fenders and tank.

Scratch Removal

Wet sand and polishing will remove scratches that have not penetrated the clear coat layer.

ATV & UTV Frame Repair

When you’ve bent the frame on your side-by-side or 4 wheeler we can fix it.

Custom Truck Flare Paint

Adding flares to your truck, get them painted to match.

Happy Customers

“I brought one of my trucks to Ogden Body Shop for a small fender bender. One thing I really appreciated is that they didn’t settle for what the insurance company was willing to give them as far as parts go, they made sure that quality parts went back on my truck and down to the protective covering on the edge of the door, it was exactly as it was before the accident. They kept me in the loop as far as what was going on so I never had to wonder, I will definitely use them again!”
-Josh Mathews

“They not only spoke with my insurance, but they were also willing to discuss the damage with the guy who rear ended me and give him the final cost. They also stayed late to get the job done faster when working on my car, so that we didn’t have to deal with an extra car rental over the weekend. “
-Melissa Pitchford

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The insurance company wants to send an adjuster to my house, what should I do?

Tell them it will be at Ogden Body.  Ideally, we want to have the car at shop so we can dissasemble it to discover and document all the damage before the adjuster comes to ensure you get everything covered that should be covered.

The insurance company wants me to take pictures and send it to them, is that OK?

Yes, the most important thing is to get the claim started. Once your car comes to the shop we’ll dissemble the damaged area and get with the insurance company to get any additional damage related to the accident covered that was missed in the original estimate, created from the pictures you sent them.

Insurance wants to salvage it but I just put a new engine in and want to keep it, can I?

In the case where you have invested more into the car than it is worth on paper and you want to keep it, we have a program to help walk you through the process successfully.

Even if my car was fixed perfectly is it still worth less?

Yes.  If for no other reason than it now has an accident history. Let’s say your are considering buying two cars of the same make, model, miles, and options. Which one would you pay more for?  The difference in value of the two is called diminished value. If the accident was NOT your fault the other party is responsible to pay you the difference by law.

What is the diffence between cheap and expensive clear coat ?

The cost between low and highend clears can be significant.  Anywhere from almost $200 gallon for cheap clear and $900 gallon the good stuff.  In the beginning they’ll both look good if the tech cut’s and buff the cheaper clear out.  So it will be hard to “see” the difference immediately.  However, the cheaper clear has a shorter life and the expensive clear has a longer life. Cheap clears burns and peels off much faster than the good stuff. Insurance grade clears come in around $600 a gallon.  Often shops save money using the cheap stuff and the customer won’t know until a year or two later.  Ask what kind of clear your shop is going to use and how much is costs so you know.

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