Are You Owed Diminished Value?

Do You Deserve Diminished Value

Just Because It Was Fixed Perfectly Doesn’t Mean It’s Still Worth What It Was Before The Accident Take this case for example:You have a car that is 1 year old with a market value of $23,500. Another car hits you and it is their fault. It costs $7,000 to repair your car perfectly and the […]

Will Insurance Pay For My Rental Car?

Ogden Body Shop Car Rental

Determining who was the “At-Fault” party will tell you who will most likely be paying for your rental car.  If you were not at-fault then the insurance company of the party that was will be liable to pay for a rental while yours is being repaired. If you are the at-fault party then you have […]

Can I Chose What Ogden Auto Body Shop Repairs My Car Or Truck?

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The Insurance Company Told Me What Shop I Have To Go To.  Can They Do That?  Can I Not Choose What Auto Body Shop I Want To Repair The Collision On My Car or Truck? The bottom line it that it’s your car or truck and YOU are the one that gets to decide who […]

How Do I Know If Everything Was Repaired Right?

Was my car repaired correctly.

There are a ton of ways to cut corners that a customer might not ever know about. Especially when its an “out-of-sight” area that your not going to see unless you take something apart to get to it. We’d love to say we’ve seen it all but then something else comes in that totally surprises […]

Insurance Wants Me To Use Salvaged Or Aftermarket Parts?

Salvaged & Aftermarket Parts

The short answer is it depends. Ugh! The first thing to consider when you’ve been in an accident is who was the at-fault party? Why does this matter? It’s all in the insurance contract Salvaged Or Aftermarket Parts. If you were at fault then your insurance will be paying and you have a contract with […]