Are You Owed Diminished Value?

Do You Deserve Diminished Value

Just Because It Was Fixed Perfectly Doesn’t Mean It’s Still Worth What It Was Before The Accident

Take this case for example:
You have a car that is 1 year old with a market value of $23,500. Another car hits you and it is their fault. It costs $7,000 to repair your car perfectly and the at-fault insurance company pays for it. Although your car is repaired it is not worth $23,500. Most people won’t pay full for your vehicle because it now has an accident history. If the best you can now get is $18,500 then the decreased value of $5,000 is the diminished value that the at fault pay owes you.

What Is Diminished Value?

The Decrease In Value of Your Vehicle After The Due To An Accident

Can a Diminished Value Claim

be Made in Utah?

Yes you can IF;
1- You were not at-fault. The claim will be filed against the at-fault party.
2- DV claims only apply in situations where the vehicle is repairable.
3- Your car was not a total loss.
4- You must actually have the vehicle damage repaired by a quality repair facility.

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