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Loss of Vehicle Control Accident? Here's What You Need To Know.

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Losing control of one’s vehicle is a scary and unpredictable situation that no one wants to be in, but unfortunately these kinds of accidents are sometimes unpreventable. If you happen to have found yourself in an accident from losing control of your vehicle and sustained auto-damage, then Ogden Body Shop is here to help you.

Whether it is a single car accident or multi-car collision , the fact remains that the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident most likely will require repairs and restoration services – that’s where we come in.

Located in Ogden, UT, Ogden Body Shop has been performing auto body repairs on vehicles involved in loss-of-control accidents for over 20 years, making us the best auto-repair center in town. We’ve treated all sorts of vehicular damage from loss-of-control accidents to Fender Benders  and head-on-collisions , just to name a few. Case-in-point, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or can’t fix!

Ogden Body Shop in Ogden, UT Is Here To Help

Quick and Easy Rear-End Collision Repair Service With Ogden Body Shop.

At Ogden Body Shop, we’ll assess your vehicle damage and minimize all of the potential headaches that come along with restoring your vehicle to its pre-collision state. 

What sets us apart from other auto-centers is that we’ll work with your existing insurance company to make certain that all accident-related damage is analyzed and compensated appropriately. In addition to offering comprehensive insurance service options, we also can provide rental car services to our clients should it be necessary during the restoration period. 

We’ll even make sure that the rental vehicle is here in-house and ready-to-go when you drop-off your vehicle for repairs. Once we’re all done servicing and repairing your vehicle, we handle returning the rental vehicle for you as well, making Ogden Body Shop  the best auto body repair center in Waterbury, CT.

Ogden Body Shop is committed to delivering quick and affordable collision repair, vehicle disassembly and inspection needed as a result of the following:

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The repair process is directly correlated to the success of the service at the end of the project. If a technician is not willing to put in the time to be thorough, the vehicle will be serviced quick but not safe or done to standard. This likely means you will soon need the vehicle serviced again, or will quickly realize you need to bring it to another shop. If the process takes too long, you will most likely get a vehicle that is safe, but that took up too much time waiting for. 

Lucky for you, the experts at Ogden Body Shop have the perfect repair process down pat! The first step to this process is you giving our shop a call. During this call, we will ask what type of services you were looking for, if you were recently in an accident, etc. At the end of the call, we will schedule an appointment so we can observe the car ourselves and see what we think will need to be done. We will then communicate this with you and make sure that you understand everything we are planning to do, including our methods, how long we believe it will take, etc. The first step in the process of actually servicing your vehicle, we disassemble or “teardown” the area of your vehicle that has been damaged. This is a necessary step so we can see beneath just the superficial, and determine whether or not there is deeper, more serious damage. This is also the part of the process when our appraiser from the Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers (MVPD) comes to assess for himself. When his job is done, a full written cost is made. The last step of the process is servicing the vehicle to your situation’s specific needs. This also involves ensuring that the framework is up to industry safety standards, and has not been compromised in the collision. Once we have finished servicing your vehicle, we will give you a call and arrange for pick up. At this time, if we have given you an Enterprise rental car to use while your car was being serviced, you can trade that car back to us. We will return the rental for you, so all you have to worry about is taking your vehicle back home with you!

We Help
Make The

Accepted Carriers

The last thing we want our customers to feel is stress. After an accident, you have enough on your plate, and the last thing you want to deal with is an auto body repair shop that doesn’t accept your insurance. That is why we take a number of insurance carriers, including Geico, Progressive, Travelers, and more! We strive to make your life as stress-free as possible following your collision, and that is why we offer as many options as possible. We want to be able to help you, not make things harder for you!

Other Unique Benefits Ogden Body Shop Is Proud To Offer

One of the most notable benefits we offer is pickup and delivery services. When you initially call us, you can let us know if you will need a rental car to use while we finish servicing your vehicle. We will have an Enterprise car rental ready for whenever you drop your car off, and then will swap with you when your car is ready to be brought home. We bring the rental car back, so you have no responsibilities except to drive your serviced vehicle home! 

That isn’t the only unique benefit we offer- we also offer free car repair estimates! It is important to note that we do charge for estimates, but that initial estimate fee is waived when you allow us to do the post accident repairs! This means that the only cost you have to worry about is the cost of the repairs themselves. 

Our 3 Promises

At Ogden Body our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. Here’s what you can Expect from us!

Honest Estimates, regardless of your age, experience, gender, or profession.

Communication , you'll know what is going on with your vehicle.

Repairs will be done right. No corners cut.

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