Belt Frame From Overloading

This F-150 is a construction truck in the Weber County area. It came in with cracks in the rear frame above the axle on both sides. The owner found out about it while it was getting serviced shortly after they bought it used. The dealer refused to work on it and offered to purchase it from them for 40% of its value saying that is was a liability and it needed to be off the road.

Upon inspection on the truck it was discovered the jounce bump stops had been removed for airbags but then the airbags were removed (probably after blowing from being overloaded). With no stop or bags for support and overloading the frame began to rip.

The master techs at Ogden Body welder the frame then coated both sides of the frame rail to protected against corrosion and then replaced the correct jounce bump stop to help protect it.

Aside from the repair area having shinny finished it looks factory and is a perfect finish.