Parking lot accident to the drivers side rear bumper

Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had a little parking lot car accident. The rear bumper was replace and minor damage on the quarter panel was repaired.

Car manufactures have a paint code for each vehicle’s color they produce. The paint code gives a paint formula for painters to use to make the same color car paint.

Often paint codes from new cars haven’t been published or if they have, aren’t very good matches. In this case the paint chip was close but not “right”. The spray-out card with the manufactures exact formula was even worse.

Most insurance companies pay very little time to actually mix and match paint. Often painters say it will have to be good enough for 2 reasons; first to achieve a perfect match they would have to add color, judging by eye through trial an error to get it to match. This is very difficult and only the most seasoned, experienced and competent painters will even attempt. If they “mess-up” it is very costly. And secondly, it takes time and insurance companies won’t pay time to do it right.

Not at Ogden Body, Moses and Vene spent hours dialing it into perfection in order to make the match “PERFECT”.