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If we’ve towed your vehicle to our shop by order of the Ogden City Police (OPD) or the Weber County Sherrif’s Department, there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you when you pick up your vehicle so that we can release it to you. Until you’re able to pick up your car, we’ll be keeping your vehicle safe and sound at the shop with our trustworthy team of professionals. 

Retrieving and Legally Driving Your Vehicle

In order for us to release the vehicle to you, the registered owner will need to present several documents to our team. When you come to pick up your vehicle, be sure to bring with you:

  • Current, non-expired registration
  • Current, non-expired insurance cards
  • Current, non-expired driver’s license


In addition, the vehicle must be safe for the road and any municipality holds (DUI) must have expired. If any of these requirements can’t be met, keep reading to learn what other measures will need to be taken.

What Happens if My Vehicle is Unsafe to Drive?

If your vehicle was in an accident and has been deemed unsafe for the road, we are unable to release the vehicle directly to you to drive by state law. The vehicle must be towed out of the storage facility, and can only be released to insured towing companies with registered orange wrecker plates. The owner of the vehicle must be present with their driver’s license and proof of ownership at the time of towing.

What Do I Do if the Vehicle Is Unregistered?

If the vehicle that has been towed to our shop is unregistered, you have two options. You can either have the vehicle towed, and we can assist in making arrangements for that, or you can register and insure the vehicle before pickup to avoid the need for towing.

If you’re going to get the vehicle towed, you will need to bring:

  • Title of the vehicle
  • Completed bill of sale
  • Driver’s license or ID

If you’re going to register and insure the vehicle before pickup, you will need to provide the following when you come to our shop:

  • License plates
  • Insurance cards
  • New registration
  • Driver’s license

What if I Am Not the Vehicle’s Registered Owner?

You can still pick up a towed vehicle if you are not the registered owner, but you will need to bring several additional items with you in order to pick it up. In this scenario, you must have:

  • Power of attorney or notarized statement from the registered owner
  • Your driver’s license
  • Copy of the owners driver’s license
  • Insurance cards
  • Registration


Remember if the vehicle is not registered, it will need to be towed.

Towing and Storage Fees

In addition to the towing fee, storage fees apply until the vehicle is picked up. All municipal towing-related fees are set by the State of Utah. Please be prepared to pay these fees when picking up your vehicle. 

That said, 99.9% of the time we are able to negotiate with the insurance company to cover and pay for your tow bill.  We work hard to make this experience as smooth and painless as possible.

The charges listed below are set by law with the DMV for most commercial passenger vehicles:


  • $105 base tow charge
  • $4.75 per mile towed
  • $75 per 15 minutes of labor


  • $26/day for 5 days or less
  • $31/day for more than 5 days

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The team at Ogden Body Shop knows that having your car towed can be inconvenient and stressful, and we’re happy to help make the process as smooth as possible. If your vehicle is in need of repair, we can take on that task for you as well and get you and your vehicle back on the road safely. With years of experience, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and I-Car Platinum Certified employees, we know you’ll be satisfied with our service. Contact our team today with any questions you may have about your towed vehicle. 

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The repair process is directly correlated to the success of the service at the end of the project. If a technician is not willing to put in the time to be thorough, the vehicle will be serviced quick but not safe or done to standard. This likely means you will soon need the vehicle serviced again, or will quickly realize you need to bring it to another shop. If the process takes too long, you will most likely get a vehicle that is safe, but that took up too much time waiting for. 

Lucky for you, the experts at Ogden Body Shop have the perfect repair process down pat! The first step to this process is you giving our shop a call. During this call, we will ask what type of services you were looking for, if you were recently in an accident, etc. At the end of the call, we will schedule an appointment so we can observe the car ourselves and see what we think will need to be done. We will then communicate this with you and make sure that you understand everything we are planning to do, including our methods, how long we believe it will take, etc. The first step in the process of actually servicing your vehicle, we disassemble or “teardown” the area of your vehicle that has been damaged. This is a necessary step so we can see beneath just the superficial, and determine whether or not there is deeper, more serious damage. This is also the part of the process when our appraiser from the Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers (MVPD) comes to assess for himself. When his job is done, a full written cost is made. The last step of the process is servicing the vehicle to your situation’s specific needs. This also involves ensuring that the framework is up to industry safety standards, and has not been compromised in the collision. Once we have finished servicing your vehicle, we will give you a call and arrange for pick up. At this time, if we have given you an Enterprise rental car to use while your car was being serviced, you can trade that car back to us. We will return the rental for you, so all you have to worry about is taking your vehicle back home with you!

We Help
Make The

Accepted Carriers

The last thing we want our customers to feel is stress. After an accident, you have enough on your plate, and the last thing you want to deal with is an auto body repair shop that doesn’t accept your insurance. That is why we take a number of insurance carriers, including Geico, Progressive, Travelers, and more! We strive to make your life as stress-free as possible following your collision, and that is why we offer as many options as possible. We want to be able to help you, not make things harder for you!

Other Unique Benefits Ogden Body Shop Is Proud To Offer

One of the most notable benefits we offer is pickup and delivery services. When you initially call us, you can let us know if you will need a rental car to use while we finish servicing your vehicle. We will have an Enterprise car rental ready for whenever you drop your car off, and then will swap with you when your car is ready to be brought home. We bring the rental car back, so you have no responsibilities except to drive your serviced vehicle home!

That isn’t the only unique benefit we offer- we also offer free car repair estimates! It is important to note that we do charge for estimates, but that initial estimate fee is waived when you allow us to do the post accident repairs! This means that the only cost you have to worry about is the cost of the repairs themselves.

Our 3 Promises

At Ogden Body our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. Here’s what you can Expect from us!

Honest Estimates, regardless of your age, experience, gender, or profession.

Communication , you'll know what is going on with your vehicle.

Repairs will be done right. No corners cut.

Dallin Johnson
Dallin Johnson
Ogden Body Shop is hands down the best and most hassle free shop to work with. Josh is honest, experienced, and an all around good guy. I brought my truck to them after a not so great experience with a different shop a few weeks prior. Everything was perfect from drop off to pick up. and the finished product....Beautiful.
Terry Gleave
Terry Gleave
The guys at Ogden Autobody were great to work with. I had them do a custom paint job and repair on my Harley gas tank and they really went above and beyond. They came out to my house and did a tank fitting to make sure the location and positioning of the tank decal was exactly where it needed to be on the tank in correlation to how the tank would sit on the bike once it was installed. During the painting process they sent me text updates and pictures to keep me updated on the progress of the tank. The end result is the tank has a great paint job and the positioning of the decals turned out perfect. I highly recommend using Ogden Autobody for your auto painting and repair needs.
Amanda Kubiak
Amanda Kubiak
This is hands down the best body shop. I was in an accident awhile ago and it’s been a nightmare dealing with the insurance company. Josh took over immediately and helped me get things moving along so that I could get my vehicle repaired. He went above and beyond anything I would have ever imagined any body shop/ customer service professional to do. Once I was able to drop my vehicle off, he had it back to me in no time. I will never go to another body shop again (hopefully I won’t need to) but I will never forget how great they took care of me. Even though you know that they have other customers to take care of, they treat each individual like a top priority and that’s rare these days.
Michelle Peasley
Michelle Peasley
Yes, take your car there to get fixed. This place is FIRST CLASS. Accidents happen and this place is amazing! From the time I dropped my car off Josh was on top of everything. He kept me informed of every step that was happening on my car. Communication is the key to a happy client. Definitely call this place to get your car fixed perfectly.
Gregory Butcher
Gregory Butcher
Josh and his crew are amazing at their job. They kept me informed on status. Had a logistical problem with a part showing up fairly late, so one worker stayed to finish up the repair. It looks like the car I bought before the accident. Outstanding work and an exceptional company.
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones
Great service very accommodating excellent work would recommend to my close friends
Norcal Dave
Norcal Dave
Lots of choices, but really glad I went with Ogden Body Shop to get a front grill replaced and front half of the car repainted due to highway pitting. Josh, from Ogden Body helped me to determine what work I needed to make my car look new again. He also worked with me when I looked at buying the grill after-market as the dealer prices were outrageous. He was very clear and up-front about the work and what could be done, and the finished product was as best as I could have hoped. Prices were also very reasonable, so I can't imagine going anywhere else for body or paint work should the need arise.
Desean Bryant
Desean Bryant
Josh was an awesome guy to work with. Very smooth process and helped me every step of the way. Handled everything with little hassle, would 100% recommend!
Kris Rose
Kris Rose
This company was very accommodating. Josh kept me informed throughout the whole process of the repair of my car as well as he sent me pictures of the progress of the repair. The bid I received was the best value with the highest quality of work done on my vehicle. The finished product exceeds my expectations. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

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